From The Heart


As the title of this post suggests, I just felt like coming from the heart on this one. As of right now I'm grinding. Building this business around something I love. Detailing. I'm fortunate. Some people don't find their 'thing' during their lifetime. Even worse, some find it and don't follow it. Don't improve upon it or allow the world to benefit from it.

I'm a family man working on the whole 'work life balance' thing. It's a constant game that I love. I'm not into video games anymore. Just finished a conference call with two of my mentors. 'The Importance of goalsetting and tracking your progress' was the theme. 

I know this post didn't have anything to do with detailing. 
Or did it?
Maybe it's just a glimpse into my life as an entrepreneur. A look at my journey in building this thing. It's barely a toddler. Approaching two-years old, most kids can't even walk yet. And that's right where this business is. Getting its legs up under it. I'm learning a lot. About business. About the importance of family. 
About myself.
On future posts I promise to educate on the detailing business. The nuts and bolts, how to's and stuff like that. There will be cool pics of cool cars. Funny stories and day-to-day experiences with customers and the fascinating details therein. But most importantly, it will be authentic.


The Detail Don
Don Rollins